FlexDisplay Gage Interface & Remote Display FD-1PLUS

The FlexDisplay gage interface and remote display can collect data from a wide variety of digital gages (Mitutoyo, Mahr Federal, Starrett, Ono Sokki, Fowler and more). Mix and match gages side by side.

The FlexDisplay gives you the ability to monitor, analyze, compute math functions and more in real-time. This gives you the information you need immediately for part sorting and sends data to your PC for further analysis for quality and process control.

The FlexDisplay simultaneously combines the signal from multiple tools and converts it to a standardized format (RS232 serial or USB) for populating any software package you choose. (SPC software packages have a driver for this format).

The FlexDisplay gives operators immediate feedback on part status. Applications where individual gages are difficult to view or when Go/NoGo operator alerts are desired, the FlexDisplay family of products are the perfect choice.

FD-1 Specific Features:

  • 4 Gage inputs/ 1 Display
  • 4 Virtual ports (Isolated ports for math functions, visible on readout)
  • Rotary switch to select the port displayed
  • Enhanced math functions (add/subtract/average between 2 ports)

Additional Features:

  • Gage input displayed and sent to PC for analysis
  • Data send jack to trigger reading from port or display
  • Data send button to trigger reading from display
  • Remote zero button for displayed reading
  • Go/No Go status for each input or calculated values
  • I/O for part status - use for external alarms or PLC connectivity

Downloads:  FlexDisplay Users Manual

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Quick Start Guide for FlexDisplay FD-1, FD-1Plus, FD-1Advanced Models

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Product Description

The FlexDisplay can be used right out of the box or can be configured with part specifications to create a powerful shop-floor interface.  More than just a remote display, the FlexDisplay is perfect for small fixtures where individual gages are difficult to view and gives operators immediate feedback with real-time readings and GO/NG status.  Gage readings are displayed, GO/NG status is calculated, and readings can be sent to PC or PLC.

Each input can be programmed with individual specifications and offers an independent zero button and data sending. User programmed specs for each input are stored in flash memory, if you lose power or move the unit to a new location, the FlexDisplay will not need to be reconfigured.

In a world of high manufacturing standards the FlexDisplay line is built with quality in mind. Inside an all-metal enclosure, automated assembly processes and prewired harnesses combine to create a robust interface. Ready to use out of the box, the FlexDisplay is a durable display and interface designed for shop-floor data collection.

FlexDisplay Feature Descriptions:

GO/NG Status for individual ports:
The FlexDisplay will compute Go/No Go status individually for each input, even if that input is set for a difference/sum result. There is a high/low setting for each input.

Master GO/NG status for all ports selected:
The FlexDisplay includes a set of LEDs for Master Go/No Go status for all ports selected.  If any input is outside of the specification limits, even if not currently displayed, the Master GO/NG will reflect status.  Inputs that are not critical to part status can be tracked but be set to not effect the overall Master GO/NG. This allows you to track non-critical characteristics, but not subject the part to failure/rework.

The status of the Master Go/No Go is also available on the I/O port for connection to a PLC.  This is useful for part sorting and identification.

Gage watchdog and channel bypass:
The FlexDisplay will output a signal for gage error. If a gage is turned off or not present, the word "Error" is displayed and the signal is sent out the I/O port. The channel bypass feature in the FlexDisplay will allow readings and analysis of remaining inputs to continue.  When gage error is cleared, unit will resume normal operations.

I/O port for external alerts:
As part of the power of the FlexDisplay units, all part status checks are available as TTL level signals. This means the Go/No Go status can be directly tied to a PLC for part sorting. The optional FD-Light will give operators a light tower view of alerts monitored by the FlexDisplay.

Remote Zero Button:
Each display includes a remote zero button.  When a gage reading is displayed, pressing the zero button will reset the display to zero and will offset the input reading until cleared or reset.  This is very helpful with gage fixtures that need to be calibrated to a set value.

Data Send Options:
The FlexDisplay can send data to a PC for data tracking and analysis.  Data send button, data send jack and host commands can all trigger a reading or group of readings to be sent to the PC.  Data sending can be configured to send the currently displayed reading or all the readings being monitored.

Global Decimal Accuracy:
The FlexDisplay has 8 digits to display readings.  In some applications, restricting resolution is required or desired.  The FlexDisplay units allow you to limit the number of digits displayed, making it easier for operators to quickly understand and make judgments on part status.

Reasonable Data Test:
This is an additional test on the readings.  This test works in conjunction with the Go/No Go feature to make sure the reading being analyzed is valid.  

Math Functions:
The power of the FlexDisplay allows various math functions to be performed on gage input data.  Math functions can be performed on a single port or across multiple ports.  Math function availability varies with each FlexDisplay model.  Functions available include:  add, subtract, average, add a constant, subtract a constant, and more.  

The functions available in the FlexDisplay can also be customized to meet specific needs.

Output to PC/PLC:
The readings of all ports can be sent to PC/PLC for data tracking and analysis.

Force in/mm:
This feature will force readings into either inch or millimeters.

Change sign of data:
This feature will reverse the +/- of the gage reading.  This is helpful with some force gages.

Pass-Thru Port for stacking units:
An added benefit of the FlexDisplay line is the Pass-Thru Port. This port (DB9) can be used as a backplane port to stack multiple units using standard cabling included with every unit. You can use this port to stack the FlexDisplay and FlexPort gage interfaces together to one port on the PC.

Additional Information

Weight (in lbs) 4
Manufacturer Midwest FlexSystems Inc
Number of inputs 4 Universal - 4 Virtual - 1 PassThru
Input type Universal = Mitutoyo Digimatic, MTI Compatibles, Serial & RS232
Output type Standard RS232
Power Supply 110v Wall Adapter 7-9VDC Center Positive
Gage Input Connector 10-pin Male (Mitutoyo Digimatic)
Data Send Input 2.5mm jack, data send button
Output Connector DB25 Female