CableWedge Gage Interface to USB Cable CW-USB

Connect Digital Gages directly to USB and collect data in multiple ways.

CableWedge USB combines the ease of use and affordability of a USB keyboard wedge with the advanced configuration options of the most flexible gage interface ever produced!

Both USB Serial & Keyboard output - Combined in one cable!

The numerous benefits of the CableWedge USB include:

  • Plug and Play USB.  No setup required
  • Includes both USB/VCP and HID/USB output
  • Continuously stream readings from a device (up to 30 readings/second)
  • TIR Mode with MIN/MAX/TIR output
  • Connect multiple CableWedge USBs to a PC using a standard USB hub
  • Advanced HID features:
      Powerful spreadsheet functions such as:
        -Send readings to specific cells
        -Column/row mapping
        -Date/time stamp data
        -Move up/down/tab/return to beginning
        -Populate your existing customer report templates
  • Advanced VCP features:
    - Advanced configuration options for customizing the data transfer methods and formats
    - Select output format to emulate popular interface formats
    - Capture data using standard SPC software designed to read the COM Port(serial port)
    - Host commands for data sending

Competitors require different devices to perform the same functions.
With CableWedge USB, your needs may change but your interface doesn't.

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CableWedge connects digital gages to USB for HID and VCP connection | Midwest FlexSystems Inc.

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  • CableWedge connects digital gages to USB for HID and VCP connection | Midwest FlexSystems Inc.
  • CableWedge connects digital gages to USB for HID and VCP connection | Midwest FlexSystems Inc.

Product Description

The CableWedge USB Gage Interface (CW-USB) is designed for interfacing (converting and connecting) most measuring instruments to a computer via the USB port.

All the interfaces manufactured by Midwest FlexSystems, including the CW-USB, have a configurable output that includes both HID (keyboard emulation) and VCP (Virtual COM Port emulation).

Human Interface Device (HID) – Keyboard Emulation
No setup is required. The CW-USB will work right out of the box. Just connect the CableWedge USB directly to any USB port on the computer and you can begin collecting data immediately. The PC will see the CableWedge USB as an additional keyboard and instantly allow readings to be entered into any program. Gage readings appear as if they were typed on the keyboard numeric pad.

This completely eradicates data entry errors from transcribed numbers or other human errors. Enter data into spreadsheets or database with ease. All programs recognize the data as if it were typed on the keyboard, eliminating the need for extra software to populate spreadsheets, documents and databases.  All the interfaces manufactured by Midwest FlexSystems, including the CW-USB, have a configurable output 

Custom features like sending Date/Time Stamps to spreadsheets, capturing Min/Max/TIR readings, navigation within your software to the data entry column or up and down arrows, and more can be configured to get the most out of the CableWedge USB. Just enter the configuration menu and select the custom option you desire.

Data can be sent to programs like Excel and LabView at up to 30 readings/second.  Now that's fast typing!

VCP – Virtual Com Port Emulation
If you would load the driver (included) for the CableWedge USB you will be able to access advanced features as well as capture data from a Virtual ComPort (VCP).  The computer will treat the CableWedge like a serial port - just like previous DB9 or DB25 serial ports.  The CableWedge USB will send data that can be captured by any software you choose.  Most SPC software have a driver for the standard format used by all Midwest FlexSystem products.

Software written to communicate or capture readings from com ports will see the CableWedge USB as a new available COM port.

Configuration Menu
The CableWedge comes with an installation CD that includes the driver for COM port setup and also the software to figure the CableWedge USB.

Software includes Midwest FlexTerm Terminal software for easy and intuitive setup of advanced features.

Options include:

  • Date/Time stamping of data into spreadsheets
  • Min/Max/TIR Mode
  • Continuous sending of data
  • Change the line terminator (EOF – End of Field)
    • -Carriage return
    • -Tab
    • -Down arrow
    • -And more…

The CableWedge USB is a great addition to the advanced interface products from Midwest FlexSystems, Inc.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Midwest FlexSystems Inc
Number of inputs 1 Digital gage input
Input type Varies by gage
Output type Both USB as Keyboard (HID Device) and VCP (Virtual Com Port)
Power Supply Powered via USB port
Gage Input Connector Varies by gage
Data Send Input Data send button, host commands
Output Connector USB Type A connector
Remarks HID Keyboard output as keystrokes and VCP Virtual Com Port which acts like a serial port on the computer